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Welcome to the CircleLink Critical Mass Deployment Program Portal

The CircleLink Critical Mass Deployment Program, based in Cacadu's Local Municipalities. Kouga being the epicenter and starting point of the urban, semi-urban and rural livelihoods alternative where scarcity is replaced by abundance. Catalysed by the Agro-Green-Industies focused production clusters,  stimulating industrious cooperative productivity, resilient sustainablity is furthered through the CircleLink Coega Export Village Cluster. These symbiotic synergistic components are soon to be exampled in and around Jefferys  Bay, Humansdorp initially.

  Is the driver program -                                                                                                                           Erradicating invasive alien plants, offering biomass resources, resolving budget deficits, enabling regenerative biodiversity, protecting against "food water energy"-nexus shortfalls crisis. IAP's fuel the socioeconomic driver, this makes for an appealing starting point, and the chosen home base. 

Object planning provides decentralized abundance, renewable  natural capital, resilient design & development principals, broad based participation, an "eco-concious" beyond sustainability, "point of the person" vs. 'end capital profit" focuses valuing social-cohesion over continuous accumulative growth targets.The CLSS end goal is erradicating the , marginalization of a few have all. Through reverse engineering we bring balance into society, starting at the home, a total revise resulting in productive neighbourhoods. 

Valuing all forms of natural capital, focusing on retention and regeneration "over infinite needs and wants on a finite planet" CLAA is a vital symbiotic componet through a concious approach towrds our strategic needs, linking the circles of life, flowing and  shifting into harmonic patterns "we the person together the people" with nature,  in revised  living settlement system, adopting new breeds of practices  we  become the solutions in a Knowledge Society 

The South African one-stop provider, designing turnkey solutions already secured and in the roll-out process of our pioneering projects that exceed environmental and governmental policy frameworks whilst offering towards zero waste solutions to the South African Public.